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Where do you want your company to be in 10 years?

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Visual identity is one component of corporate branding. Branding includes corporate design, corporate communication, and corporate behavior. The visual identity services from Wingenuity Design focus on the design element of branding.


A quality visual identity creates a coherent and consistent image for your company throughout its materials. This all builds toward better customer recognition, improved perceived value and quality, and allows your company to excel at what it does best.



A major building block for your company to achieve its goals is the formation of a powerful, effective visual identity.


Quality corporate design — or visual identity — will create a coherent and consistent image for your company throughout its materials. This all builds toward better customer recognition, which in turn produces more new and recurring business.


Studies have shown that a consumer’s confidence in a company is influenced greatly by the company’s branding. Not only that, but employee confidence is also bolstered by a company’s image – people like being proud of where they work.


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Perception is reality to your potential clients - a strong visual identity will help you stand out in the mind of your customers, and stand out in the market.


Wingenuity Design offers professional, high quality design that gives you a look and feel that will set you apart from your competition.


How does it work?


We start by getting to know you, your products, services, and your desired corporate identity. We then work with you to determine what kind of colors, fonts, styles, and textures will be the building blocks of your new look.


We then begin creating your corporate identity pieces.  Starting with a new or existing logo, we fashion a website, business cards, letterheads and various other pieces that will all be part of your Visual Identity.


All of these pieces work together to give you an outstanding look that is uniquely yours - one that sets you apart in the market.


Check out our prices page for the full listing of our Visual Identity packages and pricing.


We start by creating styles, a color scheme and selecting fonts to fit your company's personality and goals. Out of that, we either create a new logo for you or revamp an existing logo to create the building blocks of your new visual identity.


Once the building blocks of your new look are created, we then work with you to create a gorgeous, quality website. It will be designed to showcase your new look and give you a stunning site you'll be proud to have customers view.


Even with all of today's technology, we do still rely on paper. Applying your new visual identity to business cards, letterheads, brochures, etc., we round out the full spectrum of your corporate branding design.